Waves of Change

‘Sometimes in the waves of change, we find our own direction.’ Unknown

 I love this concept and it has proven to be such a worthy one in my own life. I made friends with Change a long time ago…so much so that in my mind I personify change as a billowy female figure who moves in gusts and ripples through my world. I have written about her often in my books, and learned to embrace the way she loves to toss me about and make me lose my footing…. And when I really start to spin into the ethers, she deftly plucks me from the free fall and places me securely on my feet in a spot I never imagined I could be…. And as I settle into my new digs I always find that I am right where I belong.

 I may have a strange way of envisioning change, but I am pretty sure I am not alone in my experiences in the larger sense…. Because sometimes in the waves of change- we find our own direction.