You see things. You keep quiet about them. And you understand.

Today’s quote may seem like meek advice, but there is tremendous power in this concept. Observation is such a powerful act. If you think sitting back and observing is wimpy, think again; Observation never takes anything away from us, it does not back us into a corner, and it rarely demands that we apologize or backtrack. Conversely, Observation always gives us a payout because there is always something to learn… 

Once we react, speak, move – we have released ourselves into the world and then we have no choice but to blend in with whatever we have just thrown ourselves toward. Like black ink pouring into a pool of water, once we spill ourselves, we are immediately diluted. Observation is like a container that keeps us intact – it doesn’t make us weak- it keeps us potent.

Being a thoughtful observer may not be the most audacious and exciting way to move through the world, but it very well may be the gentlest…. Observe things. Keep quite about them, and understand. Once understanding is yours, everything else is too.