Type Three: The Achiever

Type Three: The Achiever

The primary motivation for a type Three is to be admired and looked up to. Type Threes are very competitive and they place utmost importance on winning and projecting a winning image to the world. In public type Threes are confident and project an aura of high self-esteem. They have lofty aspirations and often are relentless in their pursuit of them.

In the levels of development an integrated type Three is one cool character- aloof, confident and charming. They are excellent salesmen and often end up in a leadership position. A healthy Three integrates toward the positive qualities of type Six where they are secure and highly charismatic.

At the average level, type Three can crave attention to the point that they become superficial. They may be so image conscious that they neglect the deeper aspects of achievement and then have a hard time creating solid and genuine success in their lives.

Under stress when an average Three starts to disintegrate, they move toward the qualities of an average Nine and become listless and despondent. They can move from being the life of the party to being sullen and isolated.

Famous Type Threes: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brooke Shields, Britney Spears, Katie Couric , Regis Philbin, Tom Cruise, Joe Montana, Christopher Reeves, Tony Blair