Type Seven: The Adventurer


The primary motivation for a type Seven is the pursuit of activity and variety in life. Type Sevens are exuberant, curious, and multi-talented.  They often have a flair for aesthetics and their tastes are usually highly varied and eclectic. They love to have fun and stay active and will do almost anything to avoid being unhappy and still.

In the levels of development that are part of the Enneatype system, an integrated (healthy) type Seven can juggle a variety of things at once, and displays an amazing ability to problem solve on the fly. They are the ultimate multi-tasker, and a healthy Seven leads an amazingly productive life. When Type Sevens are at their best they take on some of the intense mental behaviors of type Five where they find focus and fulfillment.

At the average level of development, type Sevens are vagabonds who move through the world with joie de vivre. But they can be emotionally elusive and run the risk of living life without much depth as they strive to avoid pain and negativity.

Under stress  Type Seven starts to disintegrate and become highly disappointed and self critical, and they take on the negative qualities of a type One. They go from fun loving and free to stuck and unhappy.

Famous Sevens: Conan O’Brien, Warren Buffet ,John F. Kennedy, Shirley Temple, Al Roker ,Howard Stern, Madonna,