Truth as a Shelter


When truth is your shelter, you can live anywhere.

Truth is one of those words that society has put a golden glow around – which can be very confusing- because even though truth is a necessary thing, it is not always an easy or painless thing.

Sometimes it takes years, decades even, to wake up to the truth- not because it is hiding, but because our lives can be much easier if we walk a big circle around it and allow ourselves to look the other way.  We always have the choice to avoid truth- and we can do this as long as we want to- unless we are working toward authenticity in our lives- then it becomes unavoidable.

If we are on a growth path, there will come a time, when we have to walk up and shake hands with the truth- and allow it to teach us what it knows. When we do this- things change… feelings, relationships, futures… everything gets moved around.

This can be scary- it can feel like a whole new world…. And sometimes it is….

 But when truth is your shelter, you can live in anywhere.