Trust and Love


‘To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.’

As a therapist, one of the most sacred jobs that I have, is to be a simple holding container where my clients can place their trust. Sometimes it is mind boggling how messy and chaotic these lives of ours can become, and when our lives take on a tilt that is not to our liking, sometimes our first inclination is to hide the mess. We hide our shadows not necessarily to be deceptive, but more as an act of self-preservation. The world at large is a fickle place and when we expose our soft belly, we have an equal chance of  being met with either compassion or condemnation. Most people are not willing to risk the latter, so they tuck their truth inside and put on a mask.

 Well, as one who spends her days sitting behind the closed doors of confidentiality with others, let me assure you that what looks so perfect, shiny, sexy, and playful on the outside- does not always look this same way on the inside. Although some would prefer to hide this fact, life is hard- (even when our social media presence screams- attractive, wealthy, skinny, happy, PERFECT!!!!!)

Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in this world is a frightening thing- because the outer world can be fickle. We can be seen as a Saint one day and the most ghastly Sinner imaginable the next. Most of us learn the hard way that trust is a scarce commodity, and when we have found a way to cultivate it with another, it is one of the most precious resources we have.

The sacred relationships I get to share with my clients are bonds built upon the foundation of trust.  Earning someone’s trust is always my greatest accomplishment as a therapist, once I have done this, a space for healing opens up and that always seems to have an evolution all its own.

If you have earned someone’s trust, protect it and hold it dear… remembering that to be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.