Travel Plans

I rarely take a vacation, but I travel all the time. Most of what we experience happens on the inside, not the outside. This is a concept I have been teaching and living for years. Many people tend to think of travel opportunities in a linear sense believing that to ‘go somewhere’ they need to physically go from one place to the next. This is simply not true.

If we let the universe know we are ready for travel, the itinerary starts to form immediately. I do this all the time, and the approach rarely fails me.  Once I give the universe a thumbs up to book my flight, by the end of the day I have always seen a new world. Its true, I may not log many air miles, but my spiritual passport has been stamped by lands that are brimming with mystery and awe. Those around me don’t notice my absence, because the voyage I take is on the inside.

We live in an interactive universe. All that we ever need to do is make a sincere request, and then keep our eyes on the horizon. It really is that simple.

Remember, every single day is a gift-  a chance to step off of the edge of what you knew yesterday, and into a brand new world that was created just for you today. All you have to do is pack your bag, and let the universe pick you up at the curb.