Time Uncovers

‘Time will inevitably uncover dishonesty and lies; history has no place for them.’ Norodum Sihanouk

 These are powerful words to let ourselves just sit with and a philosophy that I reference often in my therapy sessions with clients.

Many of us spend far too much time in that mythical land called ‘What-if.’  ‘What if ‘ is a miserable little island that we arrive to when we fill ourselves with the worry that someone else’s deception is going to remain hidden and in doing so cause irreparable harm to our own lives.

I often hear statements like this;

What if he is cheating on me and I just haven’t caught him yet?’

What if they believe the lies she is telling about me?’

What if no one else ever sees the truth?’

Dishonesty is like a little seed that gets planted in the dark. Seeds incubate in darkness, so the more covering up that is done, the more nourishing the soil becomes. A seed can lay dormant for a long time but at some point that seed is going to sprout and out into the world will emerge a beautiful young green shoot of truth. It may be tender, but it is powerful….

If you are worried that someone is deceiving you and you cannot yet see it, try to leave the land of ‘What if’ behind and instead work on living in the moment and trusting what comes. If the seeds of deception are being planted, they’ll eventually sprout and you will know. In the meantime live in faith and let joy be your companion.

If you are being victimized by someone else’s untrue words and you are worried that the world at large may ‘buy in’ to the lie, let the land of ‘What if’ grow small in your rear view mirror and keep your eyes on the road before you. Continue to live in your integrity and the garden of deception that is being planted- it will bloom into its fullness given time.

So when worry about deception comes, push it away, as you remember that you really do not have to do anything at all to uncover the truth.  Time will do all the excavation work for you- and like an archeologist on a dig, it will carefully reveal what may have been long hidden.  Time does the work, we don’t have to.

‘Time will inevitably uncover dishonesty and lies; history has no place for them.” Norodum Sihanouk







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