‘When I am silent I have thunder hidden inside.’  Rumi

 So often silence in the world is perceived as a sign of passivity or a lack of power. I happen to think Rumi’s interpretation is much more accurate. The process of creating something often begins in the quiet of our own being. In fact, when we are trying to birth something into the world, holding it quietly within us rather than voicing it outward can be one of the most potent things we can do.

In my own life I often find that I become very quiet on the outside when I am hard at work on something on the inside. I have learned that if I ‘speak it’ too early it actually seems to have a negative impact on whatever it is I am trying to create. Hopes and dreams are fragile things…. Sometimes too fragile to withstand the harsh ways of this world we live in. Never be afraid to incubate your longings in the silence of your own mind – remembering Rumi’s wisdom that when we are silent, we have thunder building inside.