The Spaces Between

Honor the space between no longer and not yet.

Today I need to take a deep breath and let the truth of this quote sink deeply into my being… Maybe you do too? (Autumn is the time of year where our individual lives often reflect this seasonal truth.)

The in-between spaces that transformation requires can be uncomfortable… because we have left behind what we knew before…. but we cannot yet see far enough around the bend in front of us, to know for sure what awaits up ahead.

In the last month, I have made good progress toward some new goals, but it has meant leaving the comforts of some old props behind…. Which is that in-between space that can feel so murky and confusing.

Murky is not the right word…. Earthy is a better descriptor… Earthy as in rich, dark, and teeming with life…. but not life that anyone else can see yet…. More like micro-nutrient life….behind the scenes growth that doesn’t show now, but will nourish what I am creating later.

This work toward transformation is not new… I have been at it (it seems) my whole life – but it always feels the same…. exciting, baffling, and illuminating.

Note to self: (and everyone else)
We don’t come here to exist, we come here to evolve….


2 thoughts on “The Spaces Between”

  1. Kathleen Seybold

    Good morning, loved the message this morning. The last two years have been an evolving journey for me with many changes that I have learned to accept and cherish. Your writings so often reflect upon those changes. Love Gig

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