The Problem is….

‘The problem is you think you have time.’

Had a sweet talk with my oldest son the other night. He was lamenting on the recent death of a Rap artis and Activistt that he admired. I had heard about the shooting death of Nipsey Hussle, but before this, I had never heard about his life. For all of the good it seems that this young man had done, he has sadly earned more notoriety for his death than he had time to collect during his life…  and by all accounts it sounds to me like his name was not a misnomer- Nipsey Hussle — hustled through life…. he got a lot done in his thirty something years…. but there was more to do…. and there is always more to do…. and we always think we are going to have time.

Ah! we human beings are a disillusioned lot- always assuming there is more time coming to us- time that is presumably handed over to us by the Fates simply because, why? Because WE have plans and intentions that we have not yet accomplished? …Because WE have been given today, so WE should therefore be given tomorrow as well? It simply isn’t true- and is probably the single biggest collective lie we all tell ourselves day in and day out;

Whatever you may be waiting till tomorrow for, don’t wait.

The problem is we think we have time.