The Dusty Road of Regret…

“When you find yourself traveling down the dusty road of regret…”  Lit from Within

Life is messy- there is not one of us alive whose lifepath turns out just the way we envisioned it should. When destiny cranks the wheel hard left, and we are certain that what we really needed was to go right…. We have the choice to either sit back and let the universe show us what lies ahead, or we can keep looking backwards at where we wanted to be.

Think about a life event that has you turned around backwards watching the past… maybe it is a job you did not get, a relationship that did not work out, or a travel opportunity that you passed up . Whatever it may be, riding backwards, down the dusty road of regret is a miserable place to be. When we do this we have absolutely no power, no ability to either un-do or re-do anything in our lives.

At the neurochemical level, our brains do not detect a difference between the things that we see/experience in the outer world, and the things that we vividly imagine inside the privacy of our own minds. If you have a habit of looking backwards with regret, each time you do this, your body is flooded with neurochemicals related to loss, sadness, and unmet needs. The result of this is that your inner pharmacy starts pumping out the prescription you just ordered; its usually a fine blend of depression and anxiety.

Today…be awake…. If your mind starts kicking up dirt on that dusty road of regret… don’t inhale… and let the universe take you on that hard left again. Lean in and enjoy the ride. Leave the dust of the past behind, and soon you will feel the paved road of the future catch beneath you.