Take the Ride

Buy the ticket. Take the Ride.

Life has bee a roller coaster for me lately. Can you relate?  When life feels unpredictable and hits Mach speeds it always helps to remind myself that on some level I ‘bought the ticket’ for whatever it is I am careening through. Once I accept this, I can tighten my seatbelt and hold on through the twists and turns.

As I get tossed around I try to remind myself that the ride is just a ride, and it will not last forever. The most important choice I make is deciding who gets to sit next to me on this ride. When Fear hops on board the ride is terror filled, but when Faith buckles in and holds my hand, the loops can actually be a little bit thrilling.

It’s all in my perspective… and when I remember that I bought the ticket in the first place, it’s easy to make Fear go to the back of the line.

On the roller coaster I have been on lately, Faith is riding shotgun. So far, so good-  so good in fact, I may even ride this one twice.