Subtle Energies


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla

While Tesla’s words don’t always find a direct route to my heart, this quote in particular does — and it’s one of my favorites.

For this post, the rooftop drug of choice — metaphorically speaking, of course! —  that I want to imbibe in is Subtle Energy (SE). SE is something I have been intoxicated with for most of my life, and I really learned to refine my sense of it when I began working with the dying all those years ago.

Ancient and Everywhere

I am not alone in my interest in subtle energies. For millennia, cultures all over the globe have been describing these invisible energies that enliven each of us and animate every part of the world around us, from a simple one-cell organism to the most complex quantum realties.

Almost every culture has a word to describe the subtle energies that so profoundly inform daily reality. In the yogic traditions of India and Tibet this energy is called Prana. In China it is referred to as qi  or chi, and in the Christian tradition it is often called the Holy Spirit.

I have always had an uncanny sixth sense. During my younger years, this confused the heck out of me, but as I grew and the wisdom of the world started to trickle in, I began to find my way. I have often told the story that after getting my driver’s license at the tender age of sixteen, one of the first places I drove myself was to a psychic fair. After that, metaphysical bookstores became my haunt, and in college, I jumped at every chance to take classes like world religions and parapsychology.

Over the next several months, I want to begin an exploration of various kinds of subtle energies and some of the ways that we can experience them in our everyday lives. As we learn to recognize subtle energies  for ourselves, we can begin to live a more connected life.

I will be creating some interactive content that we can play around with together in real time – it’s fun stuff that really drives home the fact that we do live in an interactive Universe! 

So put up your antenna and get ready to receive… as we begin to play and explore together in the world of subtle energy.

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