Staying behind the Fence…

Silence is the fence around wisdom. ~German Proverb

Sometimes the humor that the universe serves up just keeps me in stitches. The last few days have been a challenge. I received a surprising sucker punch from someone and I am working through a myriad of related feelings . Yesterday’s quote “Don’t try to win over the haters; you are not a jackass whisperer’ was reflective of my struggle, as was the final line of my post- which read, “Let the jackasses stay out in the field where they belong, and you stay right where you are and carry on.”

As I have said before, Rx for the Soul is a real-time venture for me. There are no ‘canned’ posts- they are always a reflection of what the universe offers up daily. So today as I sat down to write, I was still struggling to stay out of the field (yes, the one with the jackasses.) As I mentally dug my heels in, I typed ‘quotes about silence‘ into the search bar … and voila! There staring at me was today’s quote -‘Silence is the fence around wisdom’-which I had never heard before. Surely there are millions of quotes that the uber-power known as google could have called forward out of cyberspace, yet the one that arrived could not have felt more personal. This beautiful set of six words was an affirmation of the words I used yesterday… a not so subtle reminder to stay out of that field with the jackasses. Touché Universe- point well taken. …. and I could not be happier to be safely in my little corral. Indeed, silence is the fence around wisdom.