Start Before


Start before you feel ready…

I am really good at not doing something until I have every little detail ironed out. It is a trait that has served me well in some areas of my life and been my greatest nemesis in others.

When I get honest and really take a good hard look at how this trait has functioned in my life, it’s easy to see that it stops my progress far more frequently than it ever helps me to move ahead.

This coming week, I intend to put today’s quote to good use. In the next few days, I’m going to force my self to step off the cliff… to do something that I feel I am not yet ready for.

I’ll return to this topic soon…. And when I do, I will have chosen my cliff and be perched for takeoff. I hope a few of you will join me in this symbolic cliff diving adventure…. and we can share our experiences… as we build our wings on the way down!