My Soul – Your Soul

My soul will find yours. . . 

Next week our young adult daughter is moving away for the summer. She will only be gone for 10 weeks, but it’s the first time that we have ever endured a ‘formal separation’ so to speak.

A few days ago she came to me in the sweetest of ways with an idea that just lit me up inside.

‘Momma, I was thinking… that while I am gone…. Maybe we could do a little mother daughter book club?

I listened intently and waited to hear more.

 ‘You know, as a way to keep our minds connected… because we will be thinking about the same things, it will keep us linked together.’ 

What a brilliant idea. I love her!

Sometimes as moms we never know if the things we try to teach our children take hold. Can’t we all relate to the notion that espousing our parental ideals on our children is a bit like tossing a pot of spaghetti against the wall?…. We never really know what is going to stick and what is going to fall away.

Her mother daughter book club idea made me feel like one of the mainstay beliefs I tossed repeatedly against that wall during her childhood had stuck… that we are all connected through time and space, and that thought and awareness bind us intimately to one another despite any distance that can separate us.

She was only talking about a book club, but I know in my heart that she has tapped into the wisdom that as long as there is intention, there is connection, and where there is love, there can never be any separation. As her life moves forward and this world gives and takes from her, as it does from all of us, I hope this wisdom will carry her as it has me.

I can’t wait to be a member of this mother-daughter book club … I am sure it will bring wisdom far beyond anything that our reading material may have to offer. And on some cosmic tablet we will write our own story…and my soul will find yours, baby girl….. and yours will find mine <3