Somewhere Beautiful

I don’t care how long it takes me, I’m going somewhere beautiful.

 This is a quote that we can apply to every difficult situation we face. No matter how ugly, how painful, or how disenchanting an experience might be, if we follow it through and stay open to wisdom, we will always arrive at a place of beauty.

An experience in my own life recently mirrored this exactly. Many years ago I went through a very difficult experience that I had a very hard time finding the good in. The situation required that I hire someone in an uncommon field to perform a service that my unusual and unpleasant circumstance required. (Sorry to sound so cryptic, just trying to maintain some anonymity for the innocent party I am writing about…)

So, I hired the someone (whose name was Dusty), he did his job, the circumstance improved but I never did uncover the ‘beauty’ behind the experience…and I have been aware of this beauty vacancy in this experience all these many years.

Fast forward to yesterday. As my hubby and I continue to move forward in our lives we are parting with several pieces of furniture, one of them being a bed that our youngest son has outgrown. After a few weeks of sitting on Craig’s list my husband got a call from an interested party. He met the person, showed him the bed, and made a nice cash sale.

When he got home he was telling me about the nice guy he sold the bed to. He volunteered that his name was Dusty. I asked him if he knew what Dusty did for a living and his answer affirmed that this Dusty, and the Dusty of my past were the same individual.

In that moment I arrived at beauty, because I instantly knew that the difficult experience in my past was an inherent part of allowing me to arrive right where I am now. The universe always ties up the loose ends and brings me full circle to beauty; sometimes I just have to wait for it. This time took more than a dozen years.

 It doesn’t matter how long it takes me… I’m going somewhere beautiful.