Soft Like Water


‘All the hardest, coldest, people you meet were once as soft as water. And that is the tragedy of living.’ Iain Thomas

This quote sums up how life has been feeling lately for me. I took a few days away from my real time Rx posts to let life soften a bit and even though I made room for the softening to occur, the ‘tragedy of living’ chased anything soft away. Tragedy is a loaded word, and certainly far too strong to describe any of my current circumstances, but I can assure you that life is hard right now.

There is a whole symphony of players in the ‘hard’ orchestra that is playing so loud for me right now, but the leader of the band is most certainly my son’s illness. Much of the progress we had made in the past two years seems to have been largely undone in the last few weeks. There is so much I need to fight for- everything from the medical care he needs, to the insurance approval to get it, to the time away that I will need to care for him. It seems that everywhere I turn there is a fight- it’s not the world I am used to…it does not help me be who I want to be in the world.

I am going to write Rx in real time whenever I can, and give myself the option to recycle old Rx’s when I need to. It’s the only way forward for now… and the best insurance policy I have against the ‘tragedy of living’ that today’s quote warns of.

Thanks for rolling with me on this… let’s all try to stay soft like water. Yes, let’s all do that <3

11 thoughts on “Soft Like Water”

  1. I am holding you, Ajay and Brian in the softness of my heart. The water surrounding you is indeed soft, even though it sometimes comes at you in torrents. When you reach the placid oasis you will have all become Gold Medal swimmers.

    1. Marcia Baumert

      i will place your family intention in our chapel where you will be held I. 24/7 prayer. We’ve had perpetual prayer in my Franciscan community for 136+ years in our ” powerhouse adoration chapel”. You’re in gentle hearts of faith!

  2. Annette..I so enjoy your daily posts, I knew you ‘back in the day’ and fondly remember your beautiful spirit. Please know that I hold your son in my heart and I am visualizing Spirit’s soft healing touch upon him.
    Many blessings to you and your family.

  3. Hope you know that many of us have been, or still are in your footsteps, so understand where you’re coming from, right now. May you & yours bask in the loving prayers surrounding you. You are loved by so many & mean so much to all of us. Namaste Sher

    1. Thank You Sher – readers like yourself and kind comments that remind that we are all ‘in this together’ (whatever ‘this’ may happen to be), is one of the most healing things I know. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and light. <3

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