Be the reason that someone smiles today

I am very blessed by the fact that almost all of my immediate family lives within a few miles of me. I have never moved away from the town I was born in…. and several other generations of my family on both sides have made this same choice.  It may not be the most cosmopolitan lifestyle, but it is an aspect of life I happen to love dearly.

So that being said, I do have one Aunt who has lived some 600 miles away for as long as I can remember. She moved off the family ranch more than 70 years ago when as a young woman she began life anew with her husband. Together they created a beautiful family and a full life. She is now in her 90’s and we stay in touch through regular emails, and she is a faithful reader here at Rx for the Soul.

Now, I am not someone who believes in a conventional concept of time and distance…. so in my mind, our connection to one another has never suffered a bit from our geographical handicap. Mile markers are flimsy props on the earth plane, and they have virtually no real meaning at all when you consider that we are all energy beings- and that once we collide (love, notice, pay attention to one another) we are entangled together for all of eternity. These quantum tangles make me very happy….

Quantum entanglement assures that even though my dear Auntie lives hundreds of miles away- this distance can be traversed in a moment- when traveled within the beautiful quantum web that love weaves….  So today’s quote is dedicated to my Aunt El- who always gives me a reason to smile…

(If you are curious about quantum entanglement, watch a video about it here.)