Skipping Ahead


‘The time to repair the roof is when the sun in shining.’ John F. Kennedy

This quote is such a great reminder that we can always be pro-active with our growth. Crisis is one way of growing- and when it comes along it can be a great catalyst to change. But why wait for crisis to call us up, when we can instead choose to step up on our own?

I am convinced that we all come here to grow, and there is no doubt in my mind when we become complacent the Universe often shakes things up a little to get our attention. When we work on our own evolution even when life is not demanding it from us, we are, in a sense, fixing the roof before the storm clouds roll in…

So the moral to this story is this: Crisis will always find us and force us to grow, but instead of waiting for the shake ups life will inevitably bring, we can always choose to skip ahead and take the path of Grace instead.