Scars and All


Maybe life isn’t about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it’s about collecting the scars, to prove we showed up for it.

Imperfections are always what bring the beauty out.  If life was a straight smooth road, we would never be challenged to become the multi-faceted beings we are destined to be.

Next time life throws you a curveball and you take the ‘proverbial tumble of growth’- remember as your summersaulting a** over elbow, that this IS how we do growth here on planet earth.

Transformation does not come when we are sitting prim and proper in our Sunday best, it comes usually when we are on our knees and picking gravel bits out of our palms.

So embrace the imperfections that growth leaves in its wake; allow the scrapes to heal –  and let the scars tell their own beautiful story -of how you grew your soul.