Save the World


‘The world doesn’t want to be saved, it wants to be loved…. and that is how you save it.’

One glance at the day’s news headlines and it is not hard to see that we are a planet in turmoil . A common theme among my clients right now is the sense of discomfort they feel at the world events they are watching and listening to, and an inability to do anything to effect a change.

Clearly there are the activists, the revolutionaries, and the diplomats among us- but for the common folk, sometimes contributing to a tangible change in the world seems impossible.  I always steer clients (and myself for that matter) back to the quantum mindset that we are ALL connected, and that to provoke healing in one small corner of the world, is to provoke healing across the planet as a whole.

What does this mean? Well, we may not be able to reach across the globe and comfort a frightened child in Somalia, but we can reach across the couch and offer a little more compassion to our own child who is struggling with the demands of a new school year. We may not be able to swoop in and deliver a hot meal to a starving refugee who has been hunkered down in a dirt hole for three days, but we can smile and make small talk with the elderly woman who stands behind us in line at the pharmacy.  We may not be able to hug a family that has just lost their child to a senseless global act of violence, but we can slow our car down and let that mother walking in the hot summer heat with her three young kids in tow, cross the street safely before us.

We all want to change the world, and we wait for the chance to do it. We are usually not alone in our wait…. we keep company with, among others, those waiting for the seas to part, the earth to shift on its axis, and for hell to freeze over. The wait is a long one, and it is almost always futile. Yet, if we take our minds away from the far off horizon, and instead work on changing the world that is right in front of us, something magical happens. The world really does start to change and we become powerful instead of powerless.

Perhaps we may not be able to save the world- but we can reach across the space between me and you- and we can fill that space with love.  When we do this- you heal, I heal, they heal…. the world heals.

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