Revolving Doors


‘People are going back and forth across the doorsill where two worlds touch, the door is round and open, don’t go back to sleep.’ Rumi

This afternoon I found myself in two rather intense text conversations. At the very same moment- my phone double chimed with incoming messages from two unrelated people:  One from someone whose elder family member was struggling for life, and the other from someone who just welcomed a new member of the family that was born far too early- and was struggling for life. A newborn and an elder who were likely rubbing elbows in some cosmic portal that you and I do not have any direct access to.

It was such a stark reminder of the revolving door that we all travel around – as we come into this world, move through it and, eventually out of it. I have been companioning people through that doorway for many years now, but regardless of how much time I put into this work, I never fail to be amazed by both the strength and the fragility that is part of the human journey.

Tonight I am soft with reflection as I ponder how humanity as a whole travels through that revolving door between worlds- we all use the same entrance, and we each take our leave through the same exit, it is just the stopping points in-between that are the measures of our lives.

Make sure your stopping points are the ones that really matter to you, because that revolving door only moves one way- and we can never go back.

 Love More- Fear Less.