Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.

By now, I think most of you know that I never know what is going to roll off my fingertips and onto the keyboard here at Rx for the Soul. I do not pre-plan my posts, or keep a stock of ‘canned’ entries in the wings to pull out when the mental cupboard is running bare. Each day, I just take notes from the Universe … and yesterday was that same way… although a little bit different. There is an inner poet inside of me, a lyrical wordsmith who writes in verse and has a very different tone from my usual style. Yesterday my inner poet was in house. She arrived when I chose to write about beauty. I can’t recall what motivated me toward that topic… but as I began to type it was clear to me that I was being guided toward a deeper vision of beauty.

Fast-forward to a few hours after yesterday’s Rx went out. Into my inbox came an email from a woman I have not seen or interacted with in well over 30 years. She and I were the same age and attended different high schools in a relatively small town. She and her long time boyfriend broke up, and after a few months of licking his wounds, I became his plan B. All kinds of typical high school antics ensued and I found myself on the receiving end of some unkind behavior. I did not instigate these negative interactions but I was certainly guilty of responding in kind, and soon two-way bad behavior ensued. (Think along the lines of dueling prom queens…) By graduation time, suffice it to say we were not pals. Sniveling teenage girl feelings aside, I always thought this young woman was stunningly beautiful – however, with my limited vision, I was unable to see beauty on the inside.

High school ended and we parted ways and the fates did an excellent job of allowing us to keep our distance. I do not recall a single time that we crossed paths in the entire 30-year span of time that came and went as we went from age 18 to 48… Until yesterday. This unprovoked, spontaneous email arrived just a few hours after my sudden urge to write about the topic of beauty; the universe’s eloquence was not lost on me. In her email she was lovely and elevated; candid and to the point-

‘When I look back at my younger years, I often wince at my poor ability to handle my emotions in a positive or empowering way. I believe you were on the tail end of that several times. I apologize to you. You were always beautiful and special and never deserved anything but kindness.’

I cried as I read her words. Not because some great wound had been healed… but simply because her words were so beautiful. She was still beautiful… and my eyes were finally able, thirty years later, to see her that inner beauty.

Later in the day I picked up the phone and called the number she had attached to the bottom of her email. We had a warm and heartfelt conversation, and we plan to meet for coffee soon. I look forward to whatever may unfold. She does too.

A few hours before this ‘random’ e-mail arrived, my inner poet had filled my mind with thoughts of Beauty, and the interactive Universe allowed my life to be a reflection of these thoughts. That is True Beauty.

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  1. How beautiful. Doctor. Thank you for a day maker. Two external beauty queens can be a recipe for real ugliness, but two internal beauty queens can be only a recipe for more beauty. Please share the beauty with us as it unfolds and magnifies.

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