.Honor your ancestors, for you are the result of a thousand loves. Unknown

My daughter @thestyledseed is on a little whirlwind jaunt through Europe right now. She has a packed schedule and little time to spare… but at her Momma’s urging, she made her way to a little French village in the Pyrenees mountains yesterday. This is where her Great-Grandmother was born and raised. We still have family who live in the same home my Grandmother knew and they were awaiting her arrival.

I had the good fortune to visit 20 years ago- and the visit that I made to that same little village turned out to be the symbolic starting point to an odyssey that turned my life upside down. The life experiences that within days followed this visit- were not easy, but they were necessary and today I know that for me, the trek to my ancestors was not a ‘visit’… it was a pilgrimage.


So of course, seeing these pictures- especially the one of my baby girl taking a selfie in the mirror of the same bathroom her Great Grandmother stood in (the home was built in the 18th century) moves my soul to dance with delight. And the contrast of my daughter’s use of that space for an IG selfie vs. what her great grandmother likely did while standing in that room – to me, is such a beautiful example of the strength of the women in my family – – –


My Grandmother came to the United States as a young woman. She no doubt stood in that very room and looked at her own reflection shortly before she walked away from all that she knew and into a strange new world. When she arrived, she worked hard to forge a life for herself. Her life was not an easy one, but I was with her when she took her last breath- and I know from the peace that filled the room- her life was a good one.


My daughter may look like she is ‘glamming’ it through Europe to her 150K followers- but don’t be fooled. She is on a pilgrimage… it is no doubt very different from mine and her Great Grandmother’s (and all of the others who have walked before her) – but where ever it takes her she will never go alone- because like all of us- she is the result of a thousand loves.

Honor your ancestors- for you are the result of a thousand loves. Unknown

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2 thoughts on “Reflections…”

  1. Oh, beautiful! So eloquently put. So accepting of each of our individual journeys. Such a good way to look at life – our struggles and our good lives. We are just one person in a long line of others who have gone before us, all with similar joys and hardships. I wish every young person could read this and feel the connection you’ve laid out in this post. “The result of a thousand loves.” I love it!

    1. Annette Childs, Ph.D.

      Such a beautiful comment Amy- thank you… it was just two days later that, against all odds, I was able to connect with you so that you could help find the train that would quickly get me home…. What a time that was- and what a light you were to me in the darkness. Much love to you and yours ❤️ Annette

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