Stone Madonna Blessed Crystal (Single)



Light for the Journey Box:

At the center of each hand-curated Light for the Journey gift box, is the the award-winning book Will You Dance? Hardbound with padded cover and 144 pages of ethereal watercolor images, Will You Dance? tells the story of six hooded and cloaked figures who arrive into our lives unannounced. Each visitor brings with them, both a lesson and a gift. By story’s end we are left with the knowing that these mysterious visitors arrive, not by accident—but instead at Destiny’s urging – to draw us into the cosmic dance that will show us who we are. includes: Himalayan Rose Bath Salts, Abalone Shell, and Candle 

** items included in some pictures but not included in this gift box but can be ordered separately and added to any box:

Amazonite Mala/bracelet, Nest with Single Stone Egg (to symbolize new growth), Rose Oil, Blessing/Burning Bowl

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
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Rose Quartz 2" Pillar, Clear Quartz 2" Pillar, Amethyst 2" Pillar, Black Obsidian 2" Pillar, Rose Quartz Heart, Amethyst Cluster