The Price of Revenge

Before you invest in revenge, it is wise to consider its cost…

In yesterday’ s news I read a story about a Minnesota State football coach who is returning to his job after being wrongly terminated because co-workers turned him in for alleged child pornography after they saw pictures of unclothed children on his cell phone. After two years of living a nightmare he has been cleared of all wrong doing and the pictures have been proven to be just what he said they were from the beginning- pictures of his two young children playing in the bathtub.

This story stuns on many levels. I would imagine most parents of toddlers have at least one bathtime picture on their cell phones at any given time. I could write many paragraphs about my thoughts and feelings regarding this, but my opinion on the matter really has no place here at Rx for the Soul. What does have a place however is how this coach reacted to what he has been through. When the same school that fired him, wrongly accused him, and humiliated him, offered him his job back, he took it and instead of expressing vengeance he expressed gratitude.

Of his choice to return, he said simply, “My family lives there, we have roots there.”   I respect his selfless logic. What I respect even more however, is what he said next;

“I believe that resuming my duties as head football coach will help heal that injury. I’m not interested in revenge.

 What a perfect realtime living example of today’s quote.