Americans are living longer than ever before and there are not enough caregivers to meet the growing demand for in-home care

Care Companions LTD has a solution.

We offer training programs that certify you to become your own boss as a professional Care Companion. We connect you directly with clients who need your services, removing the need for an agency or middleman so no one is taking a cut of your paycheck.

You work  for one family, you set your schedule, and with our help, you negotiate your pay scale.

Not only can you make more money than if you worked for an agency you will create lasting relationships and enjoy a meaningful career path that will change the world, one family at a time.

“When Annette introduced our family to the M.A.P.S program of care, it made a huge difference for our whole family and defined a new purpose for helping our mother’s at home care. My mom was able to relax knowing she was able to stay at home and we felt like we knew how to care for her at home. As a Physician Assistant, I learned a lot from the M.A.P.S. care philosophy that my medical training never covered. I would highly recommend these services to any family, friends, or patients in need of care.”


M.A.P.S. Care Companion training is a proprietary education program based on the work and teachings of Dr. Annette Childs.

In her decades of direct service to the aging and those near the end of life, Dr. Childs has found that there is often a natural transition point that emerges where the time for medical intervention has passed, and the desire for a more gentle path forward appears.

The lessons prepare Care Companions to meet the unique needs of patients and families who fall into the gap that exists between acute medical treatment and the natural arc of illness and age.

Through evidence-informed research as well as her direct services to clients, Dr. Childs has honed the M.A.P.S. system of care where the focus is on:

M. Managing Symptoms

A. Alleviating Suffering

P. Providing Companionship

S. Supporting Autonomy

This unique caregiver certification program is changing how we care for the aging and the dying, and will elevate your caregiving skills unlike any other training program available.

All trainings are virtual. To be eligible for placement as a Care Companion candidates must complete all training modules, pass a certification exam, and undergo a screening process.

“The simple act of caring is heroic.”