Planting Seeds

‘The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. the second best time is now.’ Chinese Proverb

These are wonderful words that remind us to not let regret over what we have failed to do in the past, stop us from doing what we are still able to do today. Every single day of your life dawns with pure potential but that potential depends on you being an interactive force with your personal universe.  The universe is benevolent – it will provide the rich soil, and sometimes it may even dig the hole, but it is YOU who will have to drop the seed.

Next time you find your mind wandering back toward regret, resist the urge to stay in that void. Instead, pull yourself forward and plant a seed for tomorrow. Tomorrow  will be here before you know it, and yesterday’s seeds always turn into tomorrow’s trees. Every new day is a new chance to plant for tomorrow… and as long as you have the gift of today, it is never too late to begin.