Peace and Avoidance

‘You can’t find peace by avoiding life.’

In my world avoidance and resistance walk hand in hand… and the last few days has been a potent reminder of just how closely I have been keeping company with them both.

Plain and simple, I am not a techie. I will avoid any and all conversation and reference to anything technical at almost any cost.Today’s quote hits home for me. For almost a week now my Rx for the Soul website has been completely inoperable. This means that my typically versatile readership is now limited to only those who are on Facebook…The Daily Rx is not available in any other formats due to a pervasive cyber glitch that I am unable to fix on my own.

This is so frustrating! I have been faithful and diligent in delivering a ‘Daily Dose’ for over 300 mornings in a row…. but my resistance to all matters technical has now produced what equates to complete inactivity on my part, for a significant number of the readers I have worked so hard to acquire.

I could blame it on the Cyber gods, but I know better. At the top of my ‘to do ‘ list for months now, has been the need to address my cyber deficits; upgrade my site, update information and products, and expand what I am capable of providing here at Rx for the Soul. But I am not a web designer, a marketer, or a salesman. I am a writer and a seeker…. My comfort zone is in the creative and the expressive… and this is where I have continued to hover for far too long. All of a sudden it is painfully clear to me that my avoidance has taken me to a far away place; a place where I have no comfort, no peace, and no way to reach many of the readers who want what I have.

The hard truth I have learned is that you can’t find peace by avoiding life, but you can avoid disaster by learning to delegate in a timely manner…

What is it in your life that you avoid so that you can maintain the illusion of peace? What will the cost of that avoidance eventually be?