Organized Lightning

“Electricity is really just organized lighting” ― George Carlin

We all have lightning inside of us…emotion that burns hot and can create or destroy. If you choose to organize your lightning today, what might you accomplish? Perhaps you will take the angst of looking at an overflowing mess in your home, and whisk things into organized piles that you decisively deal with. Maybe you will stop biting your tongue with that annoying neighbor who inconsiderately allows his dog to bark beneath your window all night long. Maybe you will even let the bridled passion you have been feeling for that co-worker find its way into words and an invitation to meet.

We all have lightning within us- and when it builds to overflowing, it can escape in random bolts that can  land anywhere and be very destructive. If we are wise, we will use our awareness to get in touch often with whatever electrical brew is stirring within us and organize it for the good.  When we do this, the options are neat and concise; Communication, Volition, Assertion, Passion… it is only when we ignore that electrical storm within us that the tempest rages out of control, and that’s when things start to get messy.