Opportunistic Universe

Miracles are a retelling in small letters, of the very same story, which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see. C. S Lewis

Had one of those ‘ How in the heck did THAT happen moments today.’ It was one of those moments that reminds me that there is so much fluidity in the universe that extends beyond my comprehension.

Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that my daughter and I had decided to form a little book club during her absence- to keep our minds connected? Well, we have made good on our promise and have faithfully been reading and discussing the book we chose to read. The book is about synchronicity and connection- of course!  As our reading has commenced,  I have been very conversant with the universe in asking for it to show me that our book club is working (i.e. keeping us more energetically connected than we would be without it.)

When I ask for signs I get them- but they never come in the way I expect them to. If there is a secret to my high level of success in my ‘sign retrieval’ relationship with the universe it would be this; I have accepted that we live in an Opportunistic Universe and I have accepted that my job is to be open to its methods of contact. If I ask for a sign and expect it to arrive on my terms, I have cut down my chances of success by about 80%. However if I ask for a sign and then let go of expectation and allow the Universe to deliver on its terms… my sense of faithful expectancy always allows the universe to hit one out of the park… Just like it did this morning.

Backstory time: Last week my daughter landed a job in her new locale. She called me after her first day and excitedly began to tell me that the salon she was working at carried a certain brand of hand lotion that I had loved dearly all through her childhood. She could remember this lotion fondly and knew that I had been without it for several years since the only local boutique in our town that carried it had been closed for quite some time. She purchased a tube of it as a gift and would deliver it when she returns home in August. Her thoughtfulness touched me- just knowing that she had dug deep into her memory to recall this small luxury that her momma loved made me feel so taken care of. Her kindness created a heart connection … and heart connections always seem to be the beginning point for the Opportunistic Universe to begin to show itself.

So fast forward to this morning. I walked into my office a few minutes late and hurriedly put my briefcase down so that I could begin my day. My office looked the same way it always looks- there is little variety to my work routine each day. But there was something amiss. Sitting on my desk, right next to the table top fountain I turn on every single morning, was a crimped up tube of hand lotion. Yes, thee very hand lotion Laney and I discussed last week. Whoa! This stopped me in my tracks. It has been at least several years since I last enjoyed a tube of this precious stuff…. I am very aware of this every day when I reach for the  ‘b team’ hand lotion that I have replaced my old favorite with.

I am rational enough to know this tube of lotion did not materialize out of thin air.  Because I love this stuff so much it is not incomprehensible to think I may have stuffed said tube somewhere in my office as a reminder to order more…. but I never did order more, nor did I keep track of that empty tube. How it made its way out of whatever crevice I must have stuffed it in, and onto my desk probably has something to do with the cleaning crew that comes into my office building each evening. A cleaning crew dislodging an item and placing it on the desk is hardly earth shattering, … but when you pair the timing of its arrival with my sense of faithful expectancy…. It goes down as a small miracle in my little book of life.

I snapped a pic of that used up old tube and sent it off to my baby girl with verbiage that only her weird momma could pen… and she sent back a sweet confirmation along with the question, “…but what does the lotion mean?”  

My reply came straight from my gut with no hesitation at all; “The universe is just honoring our connection, and letting us know that life is going to get softer…’ She liked that interpretation very much… and so did I.

Life has been very hard for our little tribe over the last month. Yesterday was a great reminder that life can go ahead and ‘bring it’….and we will continue to live with faithful expectancy and always gracefully accept the soft place to fall that the Opportunistic Universe provides us.