Off By a Mile!

For the last few days we have been discussing remote viewing. Many of you were surprised at the accuracy of your perceptions. Granted no one said  that they saw a nautilus shell, but a few of the things that were reported were;

  • Round snow globe – Since snow globes have snow swirling in them this is likely a reference to the swirls on the nautilus.
  • A fish- This pertains to water which of course is an association to shell.
  • A white brick wall which is likely a reference to the white sequential compartments that are within a nautilus shell. ( Kudos to this viewer who certainly knew there was not a white brick wall sitting on my book shelf, but trusted her perceptions anyway.)
  • Something made of Patina metal. Patina is iridescent, just like the inside of the nautilus shell

What is even more telling is one of the participants who missed the nautilus shell by a mile. Perhaps I should say she missed it by inches. She saw, to quote her, ” a pencil and then something cork like with letters and numbers on it.” Most definitely not the target item but perhaps even better, it was the object sitting on the shelf next to the Nautilus shell.  Just a few inches to the left of that nautilus shell sits a calligraphy set in a box that looks like cork. Here is an actual photo:

In essence, her consciousness missed the target item, but got a very clear view of the object next to it. Forgive my grammar but I just have to say it, “Aint that COOL!!!!!!!!!” Being wrong could not have been more right!!

We all possess a mind (soul, essence, spirit, whatever word works for you)  that exists around our body. This mind is not anchored to our body, nor even dependent on it. I know this concept inside and out, and have seen the truth of it time and again in my life.  Yet every time I see it play out in the world I am completely filled with awe and wonder . . .  Every. Single. Time.

Knowing this one thing changes my entire life- and if I am willing to seek this truth over and over again, the universe is willing to teach it to me over and over and over again. Such a beautiful whirling dance of growth- much like the spirals of the nautilus shell.