Not Perfect

You did not come here to be perfect, you came here to be real.

Yesterday after a whirlwind of a day, I arrived at Ajay’s summer camp to pick him up.  As we left I climbed into the driver’s seat of my car while Ajay scrambled into the seat behind me. Before I could even get my car started he started laughing and asked, “What is THAT in your hair?’   From the tone of his voice I could tell whatever ‘it’ was….it was not good. I gingerly reached my hand up to feel for the offending object. It was not hard to find because it was not small and it was bright orange.

Backstory: At 6:00 yesterday morning Ajay roared out of bed with one thing on his mind. warm sugar cookies.  I am happy to report that Betty Crocker went right to work and managed to get 2 dozen brightly frosted (orange) gluten free sugar cookies on a cooling rack before 7:00am.

I had been on the run all day long…..and my orange appendage had been with me through it all. At 9:00am my confectionary attachment was with me roaming the aisles of a home improvement store, and by 9:30 it rode shotgun as I browsed Office Depot for a new laser printer.  It popped into the grocery store to help me pick that little flat of blueberries that was breakfast, and then rode the elevator with me up to my third floor office. Then it sat silently through 5 client appointments. These people come to me for guidance in their lives and there I sit with a pumpkin colored glob of frosting the size of a walnut hanging from my hair….. It just does not seem right, does it? And when my work day was done, my orange buddy then came to Baskin Robbins with me when I purchased an ice cream cake for Sutter’s birthday and then tagged along to an appointment with our realtor.

This ‘fashion-don’t’ had been with me since 7:00am…it had managed to adhere to my hair through an entire 10 hour work day…. and apparently not a soul noticed? Yet once my day was over and my time out in the world was done, it took Ajay all of a Nano-second to clearly delineate that I had a large wad of orange frosting hanging from my hair.

I kept eye contact with him in the rearview mirror as I very dramatically removed the hardened lump from my tresses and flicked it out the window.  I deadpanned that I only took it out because it clashed with my outfit…. He dissolved into a fit of giggles…. There is not one thing better in the world than seeing a dirty little sunburned face after a day of summer camp having a belly laugh in the back seat at his momma’s expense. A day of frosting in my hair was totally worth it.

It’s true that I can manage to do a whole lot of stupid things in a day…. but as long as my stupid doesn’t cause anyone harm, I don’t really have any complaints.The universe does a really good job of keeping  me humble, and yesterday a dollop of orange frosting made my slice of humble pie all the sweeter!