No Postage Due

‘The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand.’ Rumi

I have a pretty good intuition, but sometimes its laser beam accuracy surprises even me. Yesterday morning I woke up absolutely compelled  to write a letter to an old friend. I hadn’t seen this person in quite some time but just had a sense it was time to reach out and say hi. I had no explanation for my sense of urgency.

Although I had no conscious idea of why this letter writing felt so pressing to me, I trusted my gut, sat down at my computer, and wrote like a fiend. My words flowed onto the page without much thought at all.

As I finished, I looked up at the clock and could see I had to leave the house right then in order to make it on time for a meeting. I hit print while I gathered my coat and car keys. I jumped in my car, threw the unfolded pages of the letter onto the passenger seat and figured that I would find an envelope, and look up the recipient’s mailing address later in the day.

I pulled up to the building where my meeting was to be held and before I ever made it inside, a familiar voice wafted through the air in my direction- and I will be darned if it was not the intended recipient to my letter. I was stunned as there was no way I could have predicted this chance encounter.

What a great reminder- that when Destiny delivers a message, there is never any postage due.

2 thoughts on “No Postage Due”

  1. Oh Annette, I had this same experience within last 24 hours. I also was compelled to track you down just yesterday. Years ago we worked together in the Hill St Bldg, exchanging services and I ended up renting your small office along with furniture when you left. I moved from Reno and lost contact with you, but did find your book which has been an anchor to me and so many others these past 10+ years. I just read it recently it to a friend. ‘Will You Dance’ is such a profound body of work. I am excited to see you have written others. My heart was so happy that my google search yielded finding you. I would love to connect if you would be open. Please email or facebook me. Thanks Annette.

    1. Hi Diana- So great to hear from you- how could I ever forget the woman who took over my office that had a ceiling painted indigo…Hahahaha- not too much has changed- still always trying to bring the universe in close 🙂 I look forward to connecting <3

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