Each Moment


‘Each Moment Contains a Hundred Messages from God.’ Rumi

This quote pretty well sums up my life… although I long ago replaced the word ‘God’ with the word ‘Universe’.  To the religious, my word play can be offensive, but there is nothing irreverent in my verbiage.  I just don’t envision my ‘God’ as embodied in a ‘someone’….  My higher power is a benevolent field of intelligent energy that lays itself over my world like a silk scarf…. It ripples, and flows, and moves with every nuance of my existence. My world is interactive and based on the deep belief that the Universe reflects, and reacts, and responds, and in doing so it teaches, guides, protects, and defends me.

I am sure if I sat down with a psychiatrist and took a battery of standardized tests, I would be on the far end of the bell shaped curve that signals ‘normal’…. After all, my world is alive with information. There are omens, and signs around every corner… and the dialogue with the invisible goes on all day, every day.  By outward standards I am a well-adjusted person… but if you measured my reality against the ‘norm’…. I will be the first to admit, I would likely find myself in a very pretty white jacket that ties in the back. (Based on today’s quote, I bet Rumi would not have landed in good standing on the bell shaped curve of ‘normal’ either- and this is why his vision was so extraordinary.)

Sometimes this world we live in robs us of the wisdom that  ‘Normal’ is not a place to aspire to…it’s more of a rut to get stuck in.  If you always stay the course of the ordinary…. You never get a chance to skip the tracks into the extraordinary… and those outlying areas are where all true transformation exists.

Later this year I will be offering an on-line course on how to become an Everyday Mystic; one who relies on a dialogue with the invisible to guide their course in life.  It will be a fun and enlightening process designed to help you hone your relationship with the Interactive Universe that we live in. Stay tuned for more info, and in the meantime avoid those standardized tests…