‘Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.’  C.S. Lewis

In my own life these words hold such truth. I am someone who not only believes in miracles, but also someone who sees miracles occurring on a regular basis. I will be the first to admit that ‘my miracles’ may not look like much to someone else, but none the less, they are miracles in my world.

Tonight I will be teaching a class about the healer known as ‘John of God’, a miracle man revered the world over. One of John of God’s primary messages to those who seek healing from him is this, ‘ God will do 50% of the healing for you, but you must do the other 50% yourself.’ Sometimes people get perplexed and wonder, ‘what does this mean? What should I do?’  One of the primary actions we can take on our own behalf is to watch the horizon for what appears. The horizon may not be carrying anything that glistens with fairy dust, but that does not mean whatever is there is not part of the healing that is needed.

An example of this would be what occurred for our young son the day after I requested a healing from John of God last year. Within hours of requesting this healing, I received a phone call from our traditional medical doctor and he asked that a blood test be done on our son ASAP.  The blood work was extensive, well over $10,000 of labs and none of it was going to be covered by insurance. My first reaction was that we could not do it because of the fees. Then I sat back and thought about the fact that I had just asked for a healing and that the  means by which this healing would occur, still remained to be seen. Could these labs be part of his healing? After giving it some deep thought I chose to trust that the two were related. We had the blood work done and within a month, the diagnosis which had eluded us for nearly two years was made and our son was on the path to healing.Were the two things related? Who can say for certain? But in my world they were. Those labs were part of the miracle, and in place of the fairy dust was a 25 gauge butterfly needle.

I asked that our son receive a healing-  in order for that healing to occur I had to get out-of-the-way and let the miracles ensue. That blood test that was requested by his doctor within 24 hours of his healing is the reason our son is well today. In my world this was a perfect miracle.

Later this week, I will post an article that continues to explore the healer known as John of God. Until then, watch for the fine print… that’s where the miracles hide.