Miles Away

‘Always reach for the stars! Because even when you miss, you’ll be miles away from me with your motivational Bullsh*t.’

 Some days are just not great…. whether we roll out of bed on the wrong side, get waylaid by the barometric pressure, or just have a bout of the attitudinal flu- some times life feels less than inspiring.

And bad days can become even harder when we view them through the ‘our thoughts create our reality’ lens. It’s true that our perceptions have a heavy hand in creating our reality, but sometimes…lets just admit it, life is crap… Even if we have watched ‘The Secret’, …and hummed our mantras,… and said our affirmations.

When we have a day that is crap, sometimes it’s ok to spew a few choice words out loud and put the Anthony Robbins CD on pause. We don’t always have to pull ourselves up by the motivational bootstraps and do the ‘chin-up buttercup’ approach to self-help.

Some days the best thing to do is just to stay quiet and let those who are reaching for the stars, be miles away…