Embrace the imperfections, the chaos, the holy mess of your beautiful life…

I had a client come in recently who had read my Stewart Little blog a few weeks back and was still snickering about it. (If you missed that blog it is here and tells the sordid tale of a good deed gone very bad….)

This client made the comment that one of the things that she most likes about the daily Rx is both the depth and the breadth of life that it covers. What she meant is that on any given day we can go from sacred to silly here at Rx for the Soul…. And is that just not life in a nutshell?

It is true…. I love going deep with my thoughts, and anyone who knows me on a personal level knows that I am always trying to extract the deeper meaning from my life events. So, yes, I am a metaphysical geek, but I also have a very intact sense of humor and a truck driver’s mouth when I get excited (for either the good or the bad.) Who I can be in one moment, can contrast markedly with who I am in the next. Belly laughs and teardrops walk hand in hand in my world. I see life as this beautiful mess of things that often contradict one another- and I think the best and most authentic people among us- are those who bring their individual versions of this mess out into the world with them. Why hide it behind a white picket fence when an imperfect life is so liberating?

Life- All. Of. It. Is sacred. Our moments are each a microcosm of everything all at once, the bitter, the sweet, the quiet, and the uproariously funny.  Heck, some of my deepest belly laughs have come at the bedside of the dying- and they themselves are often the ones who strike up the band and get the party going. Research on resiliency shows that no matter what we are going through, if we can laugh even just a little bit, we can probably survive it.

Remember this- life is a mess for all of us on any given day- a serious, sacred, silly, unpredictable ride that each of us get the gift of taking again today. I love sharing my ride with you here at Rx for the Soul- from the Sacred Moments to the Stewart Little moments – whatever the Universe brings. Thanks for buckling in with me – and for trusting wherever the daily Rx may go.   There are no rules, except to laugh when you feel like laughing, cry when you need to cry, and of course, whoop it up loudly while you still can.