Mental Diet

‘A mind grows by what it feeds on.’ Josiah Holland

‘Diet’… one of those four letter words that almost all of us have had to brush up against at some point. Once we begin watching our diet, it is always pretty astonishing how many empty calories we waste on the things that neither nourish or satisfy us. Most of us never consider the notion that we also have a mental diet- and that the things that we choose to invest our mental time and energy into become the building blocks of our mind.

Take a few moments today to consider your mental diet. What do you fill your mind with on a daily basis? Do you engage in rich one on one conversation? Do your take time each day to learn new things? Are you able to speak and act from the heart? Do you read things that expand your horizons, or watch things that inspire you? How much time do you spend mindlessly surfing the internet reading and looking at things that neither stimulate you or enhance your life in a positive way? Do you watch TV shows that portray such a false reality that you end up feeling inadequate in your own life? Do you constantly scan the news and find your level of fear increasing because of this? How many of your relationships are purely virtual in nature? Does your social media time leave you feeling lifted or depleted?

A diet heavy in empty mental calories is an easy habit to fall into and something we should all be aware of. What we choose to ingest mentally makes all the difference in our state of mind. Make it a point to give your awareness to the things that inspire you and the people who nourish you- it’s a choice that can make all the difference in the world.