Memory Bank


Guard your time fiercely. Be generous with it, but intentional about it. David Duchemin

We had one of those weekends where we were running from sun up to sun down. In a 48 hour period we packed in a track meet, a soccer game, a bridal shower, two birthday parties, a football game, and one family dinner. There was lots of togetherness and plenty of time shared with all three of our kids.

So now, its Sunday night and time to slow down. As I  throw one more load of laundry into the wash machine and my hubby sorts shin guards and cleats into their requisite places, we smile at each other, and then glance toward the kitchen calendar- mentally pulling our Monday mornings into order so that we can start the work week all over again…

Yep, we are tired- and both of us are feeling each one of our almost 50 years of life…. but there is not one thing better in the world than this kind of happy exhaustion. After a full two days full of family, friends, and fun… we will lay our heads down tonight more fulfilled than if we were just returning home from a European vacation. This life of ours is not fancy, and it would not likely not be very exciting to anyone else- but it is the one precious, fleeting, world we get to share with those that we love- and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Time is a non- renewable resource… we only get so much of it- so we have to invest it wisely…. and weekends like the one we just got- are memories in the bank…


2 thoughts on “Memory Bank”

  1. Young lady, I totally agree with you that there is NOTHING better than a happy family life
    were each one keeps each other happy. Long may it continue.
    Raymondo and June XX

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