I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.’ J.B. Priestly 

I got to have coffee with one of my oldest and dearest friends yesterday. This in itself was a wonderful treat, but imagine my surprise when she said she was going to spend the weekend building a fairy garden- because this very topic is just what I had been perusing Pinterest for all week! It will be a fun family project and since I am blessed with a nine year old son who still has all the faith in the world that the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and the Easter Bunny are at least as real as the rest of us- his 100% buy in to the fairies will make it extra special.

Back to my old buddy- I guess it should not really surprise me that we should be on the same wavelength. Even though we only see each other in person every so often, the energy strings that were woven between us as little girls have proven to be quite a bond. I cannot count how many hours she and I spent holed up in a Coleman tent, swatting away mosquitos, and perusing our favorite pre-teen magazines (TigerBeat, MAD magazine, and I-SPY were favorites) while our dad’s reduced the fish population of some nearby river or lake.

It turns out however, that she was way ahead of me on the fairy garden curve. While I was still stuck on Pinterest trying to lay out my plans, she was already the owner of an entire set of fairy furniture and a few existing fairy gardens. (It sounded more like a fairy condo complex to be honest…)

I am not sure how typical two almost 50-year-old women discussing fairy paraphernalia at Starbucks is, but the energy jolt I left that coffee shop with was not just from the caffeine. (I had no idea that they actually make furniture and home accessories for fairies- how cool is that?  They actually have  ‘Fairy Furniture” aisles at art and craft stores these days. Who knew??)

Magic exists wherever we want to look for it- and the bonds of friendship create invisible ties that connect us in more ways than we can ever know. I have a sneaking hunch that our fairies and her fairies are going to be very good friends just like we are…

I wonder if they make Coleman tents for fairies? 🙂