Low lights

Last week I posted an article that touched on a few of the life moments my family has experienced over the last  7 years. Among other things,  our home nearly burned down,  we lost a handful of family members, one of our children endured a long and difficult health process, etc. Yesterday in honor of father’s day I created a video for my husband that had a whole lot of beautiful moments from the last decade.  An Rx reader who saw yesterday’s video sent me a message and commended me on being able to find the joy and love in our lives despite the  ‘ fire, smoke damage, diagnosis etc.’

My immediate message back to her was this ‘The Beauty always rises up out of the ashes.’, anf this is something I absolutely believe.  Admitedly, the father’s day video offering to my husband was a high lights reel of sorts, but the low lights that added to my appreciation of our life together are no less precious.

I am someone who really does appreciate the low lights in life- this does not mean that I enjoy ebbing into difficult watersm, but I do appreciate the gifts that always follow.