Only Love is Real…


Only Love is Real. 


Yesterday when I sat down to write the day’s Rx, I was preparing to spend the evening with medium John Edward. Tonight as I sit down to write, I am still trying to metabolize all of the information that was given and looking for a succinct way to pass a handful of it forward to my readers.

So here is the short version of a very profound evening:

I attended the event with my husband and a dear friend who is newly widowed. The three of us enjoyed a casual dinner together prior to heading over to the venue, and as we ate, we discussed our expectations of what might occur. My friend confided to us,  that as a plea to her beloved, she had put his wedding ring on a long chain and placed it around her neck. She hoped that this would help garner his attention and assist him to bring a message through to her. As she pulled the ring forward to show us, she noted that she had hidden it deep below the neckline of her shirt so as not to give any clues to John Edward that she was a widow. I appreciated her strategy and was 100% in favor of the healthy skepticism.

After her husband had died, I had been the recipient of several very meaningful and accurate after death communications from him. One of these communications involved a symbol that matched a cattle brand that had been a signficant piece of his family history. As we ate dinner, I brought up the cattle brand message and we marveled at the miracle of how such detailed and specific information can pass from one world to the next.

Our dinner conversation lasted longer than it should have, and by the time we finished eating, drove to the event, and wandered into the packed room full of general admission seats, the only place we could find three seats together was at the  back of the room. We were as far away from Mr. Edward as we could be, making the chance at receiving a message seem that much farther away as well.  Undeterred, we settled into our seats and right on time, Mr. Edward appeared at the front of the room and began to speak. He was kind, authentic, and sincere- and the room immediately filled with an easy energy that made everyone relax.

There were hundreds of grieving people there- all wanting a message from their loved one. Of the hundreds in attendance, by nights end, less than a dozen would receive the blessing of a direct and personal message.  We knew going in, that the odds of receiving a message were not in our favor and we had all agreed to hold no expectation. Even so, about an hour into the demonstration Mr. Edward looked directly at us and pointed to my friend and said her husband’s name out loud. She sat in stunned silence. I nodded vigorously on her behalf, letting Mr. Edward know that yes, he was correct.  He then asked that we both stand up, which we did. Without a moment’s hesitation he said, “He is saying that you put a piece of his jewelry on a chain just for tonight. It is something you don’t usually wear and he is acknowledging that you wore it just for him.”  Wow. He was spot on. He then looked toward me and said, “He wants me to talk about something that burns the skin- like someone is taking a cigarette and burning a mark into the skin. He says you know what this is.” He was referencing my dinnertime commentary about the cattle brand message.  If these two zingers were not enough, he then went on to say that the jewelry that had been placed on the chain had an inscription on it (which it did), and lastly he correctly noted that my friend’s husband’s birthday was in the next few days. (It’s on Tuesday.)

It was a surreal evening- a beautiful reminder that we are eternal beings and that only love is real.

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