Love my Millennials…

Everyone hates millennials until it’s time to turn a PDF into a Word doc.   Sara Valentine


Today’s quote is funny… but it holds a lot of truth in my world right now. Anyone who has been following my writings for any length of time is undoubtedly familiar with my on-going saga with technology. For far too long, I have been on a quest to move my life from the confines of a brick and mortar psychotherapy practice into the larger virtual world. Despite all efforts to the contrary, me and the virtual greater good have remained locked in a dysfunctional relationship that has gone nowhere. (We have stubbornly refused to divorce despite our mutual disdain for one another…)


Why have we refused to call it quits? Well, as we all know, even dysfunctional relationships can heal…. And I am happy to report that there is a glimmer of light on the cyber horizon.  (Yep, there is movement once again on those virtual classes I have been yammering about for how many years now?)  …. And this new dawn is arriving by virtue of my first born …who is as millennial as they come….


Son #1 has been officially working with me for exactly two weeks now- and I dare say, more progress has been made in these two weeks, than I have managed on my own over the last two years. (To be fair to myself, it is not just lack of cyber prowess that cools my jets, life, for me, has a way of requiring U-turns and re-routes that are non-negotiable. These unexpected twists and turns although always very frustrating, are never in error…and the wisdom I am re-acquainted with over and over, is that forward progress is all about timing.)


Today, timing is good, and a lot of forward progress has been made- but much of it is due to the skills of my millennial co-pilot.


…and back to today’s quote… the world can say what it will about this generation of humans – as for the two millennials on the planet that I get to call my own (@SuttC013 and @Delaneychilds) . . .I just want you to know . . .  you and your generation, more than anything else, you give me hope- which is no small thing in this world today.


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