Lit from Within

‘Let your heart remain open like a window to the stars – For it is in loving and being loved that you will find completeness.’

Today’s quote is one of my favorite lines from my third book, Lit from Within. The way this book arrived into the world is a story in itself.  In the early hours of January 23, 2007 I awoke from a sound sleep, slipped quietly out of bed, and began to write. Getting up at night to write was not unusual for me, but the other thing that had roused me from my sound sleep was very unusual. I was in the first hours of labor with our third child, and by early the next day, our son would be safely in my arms.

If I tried to describe what occurred in those hours after I awoke it would  be impossible, but what I can tell you is that as that unborn child stirred within me, I could feel the presence of an unseen world that stood beside me. My fingers flew across the keyboard as beautiful words emerged onto the page. As these powerful stanzas of guidance poured out of me, I initially thought I was writing words of advice I may someday offer to my little one… but as the verses continued, I knew that it was much more than this. For years, the early words of this story had lived within me, but those early words were like a river that had been dammed off… there had been nowhere for me to go with them.  Bringing a third life into the world changed that, and in the last days of my pregnancy something broke free, and after I awoke that last night, within a few hours, the words I could never find before, revealed themselves in a torrent.  By the time my husband whisked me off to the hospital, the complete text of Lit from Within lay in a neat white stack of papers beside me. I remember marveling at the thought that I was going to give birth twice in one day…

Lit from Within is a tale told in the voice of our guardians …robed figures of pure white light that accompany us into our incarnations, and work to nudge us awake to the truth of who we are. The early passages remind us of the promise of our birth…

 ‘ Arriving new to this life, you were buoyant like foam upon wave . . . kept pliant by your soul’s own tenderness.’

while the final pages gently remind us that we came here…

‘not to stay safe, but to find our wings and to spread our light.’

Lit from Within has been a book held so close to my heart, that I have never really released it into the world.  I have sold it one copy at a time, hand to hand if you will, rather than through my distributor or Amazon like my other books. (If you see it out there in the world, it is being sold by second-hand sellers, not by me.) I have been questioned about this odd methodology many times- and my answer has always been the same. I didn’t write this book so that I could sell it, I wrote this book so that it could find its way to those it belongs to.

If you know someone you think it may belong to, it is a wonderful gift book- 112 full color pages with breathtaking original watercolor images that depict dozens of hooded faceless beings that each carry a message that reminds us that:

‘every moment of darkness and each moment of light: They are all carefully chosen threads in the tapestry of our days.’

For any Rx readers who have made it this far into this post and might have someone on their holiday gift list that would appreciate a soulful gift, I am offering free shipping on all domestic orders received through November 7th. If you would like the book signed to someone please just add that information to your order. To order click here … and whether you are interested in the book or not, thank you for being part of the Rx for the Soul readership- every day you give me a reason to write…and for this I am blessed.