‘Those who give light, must first endure burning.’ Nietzche

It is not very often that you will see me foregoing my daily writing and giving my space at Rx for the Soul to someone else, but this day I am moved to do just that. Below is a link to a post from one of my very favorite writers. Her name is Danielle Laporte. I have never taken any of her trainings or even read one of her books- but I read her blog daily and I absolutely love her message. I am picky in what I give my attention to and I am very often not impressed by many of the ‘spiritual authors’ that the Internet is so abundant with.

 That being said, almost everything I have ever read from Danielle Laporte is golden- and if you enjoy Rx for the Soul, I am guessing you might enjoy her too. In her writings, she is a bit more generous with her four letter words than I am, but this is only because she is braver than me and not that I am more chaste than her…)

Her message below speaks of a truth that I believe deeply. Living a spiritual life rarely makes life easier- it actually many times makes it harder. Aspiring to spiritual principles in spite of the atrocities that life may bring our way is one of the hardest paths that we will ever face. It often brings more tears than belly laughs… but it also allows us to live deeply, be authentic, and most importantly- to grow. I would not, for any amount of money in this world trade this path, although there are days where it cuts me so deeply I am little more than an open wound making my way through the world. When we break open, we always heal up stronger- another truth that always keeps me putting one foot in front of the other.

I hope you have time to read the link below, brought to you by Danielle Laporte. They are not my words, but they absolutely express the same truth I know in this world.  Enjoy <3

Danielle Laporte