Keys to the Heart

“Words are the keys to the heart.” Chinese Proverb

 Yesterday I came across a product that really appealed to my higher self. It’s called ‘sound wave jewelry’ and the picture you see on today’s graphic shows a sterling silver heart that has the vibrational image of a voice saying ‘I love You’ etched into it.

Well I am a vibration junkie and notorious for falling in love with quirky, quantum thought concepts like this… so yes- this was right up my alley…

It is easy to forget that everything from the ground we walk upon to the words we speak are all just vibration. I love the simple way these jewelry pieces remind us of this.

As someone who has spent years working with the dying and the grieving, I am always viewing life through a lens that reflects this. More times than I care to count, I have sat with a dying person and helped them to write a last letter to leave behind for their loved ones. These types of letters are excruciatingly painful to compose, but they are always of paramount importance to the dying one. The mainstay message of these correspondences is always a simple one- ‘I Love You’.

Next time I sit with someone for this purpose, to those who might be open to the concept, I will offer up the notion of this vibrational jewelry. When time is short, things need to be kept simple, and penning a final goodbye is anything but simple. The thought of leaving behind a simple voiceprint- the vibratory image of those three little words and trusting that within the vibration of their very own voice, is every loving word they could ever hope to impart,

could bring a sense of peace that would help them to leave this world with more ease… I love this thought.

And of course, I love the thought of this jewelry for the fully alive too. Using vibration to connect ourselves to those we cherish is just one more way to love each other… and there can never be too many of those.

 Because words are the key to the heart.

 (If you are interested in this concept, just Google ‘Soundwave Jewelry’ and you will see there are tons of options.)