The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you.

I am very blessed in my life with nameless moments where I get to smile with those who matter to me. Yesterday was one of those days…and I got lucky and captured that nameless moment in a photograph- which you see in today’s graphic.

There are lots of reasons this moment and this photo made me smile.  First and foremost- watching Ajay soar through the sky (at a trampoline park) and slam dunk a basketball as if he is in the NBA finals is quite a feel good after what he went through recently.  His immune system may not work right, but what he lacks in immunity, he more than makes up for in resilience.

The second reason that this photo brings such a smile is because I know how hard it is to catch this particular arc of motion on film. Our 23 year old son was a ‘career’ baller from the age of 11 onward…. And he and his buddies spent the better part of most of their youth trying to replicate the Michael Jordan ‘Jumpan’ dunk and capture it in a picture.  They never managed to do it.

When I showed Sutter this photo yesterday it became another nameless moment spent smiling with someone who matters. We dissolved in laughter together at what Ajay (as jumper) and I (as photographer) had managed to (unintentionally) accomplish.

Those nameless moments spent smiling stack up together nicely… and every once in a while they even show up on film.

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